Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dangerous Business

practicing license
   without a medicine man
      it’s dangerous business

Baseball like an Olson poem . . .

Short lines, long lines
      inning by inning

meaning mainly in things
      including the end

fun, even stimulating
      to last all the way through

though, over & against
      your own point of view

one of the game’s
      great odd pulls.

The next day, another
      game, another transmission

substitute broadcaster
      Scott Hatteberg

credits a barrel-chested
      fan in a Raiders cap

who makes a barehand snag
      of a foul ball

with a “barbaric yawp.”

     (April 2013)

Why I like baseball


Its fearful symmetry.  Blake? 
The Tyger?  Well, I was a Tiger fan

in those halcyon days of
Almaden Mountain White Wine

with friends at table on Wealthy Street,
where times never got near

as tough as they seem to have
on Tom Clark’s Easy.

(cf. Tom’s light fantastic trip
“To Bill Lee” aka Spaceman.)


Cody Ross at the plate with visions of . . .
well certainly not Gerard. 

Perfect pitch?  At 60° F &
51% H, and raining on AT&T

although not here on Ashton Ave.
only five miles away at most?


The Giants score a run and preserve
their slender lead and can persevere
on toward a hoped for end.


Beach Blanket Babylon sings
God Bless America in the rain in the stretch

in something closely
approximating perfect pitch. 

     (October 2012)

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